Fringe Mind

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Band Name Fringe Mind
Album Name Fringe Mind
Type Album
Data de aparición 22 Mayo 2018
Labels Self-Released
Enregistrado en Immortis Sound Studio
Estilo MusicalNu Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum2


 Alone (My Madness)
 Come with Me
 Fringe Mind
 Kill them All (My inner demons)
 Run away

Total playing time: 21:43

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Fringe Mind

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Comentario @ DeadWall

10 Diciembre 2018

The same album that we all waited for. Madness from the first second.

Who missed the nu metal of the old school? Your dreams have come true. From the very first track (Intro), you begin to feel a return to the 1990s, when steelworkers such as Korn, Limp bizkit, Coal chamber, Deftones, Slipknot and others captured the minds of alternative music lovers. For me, as an amateur of this genre, this album was a discovery that someone else can make high-quality material, without adding a new sound and other overlaps. Everything is played honestly, nothing superfluous. There is very little information about this team, we only know that they come from Russia, the Chelyabinsk region. When listening to this album, there is harmony and placement of tracks, each track complements the previous one, I think that the album smoothly flows into a tantrum towards the end.I can’t pick out any specific tracks, I liked everybody without exception, because they complement each other. You plunge into the atmosphere of madness, from the very beginning to the end. The album wants to listen again and again. The fact that he is short enough to play, it is only good for him, he does not have time to get bored, bored, you do not get tired. The most interesting thing is that when you re-listen, you start to hear other, other sounds, which seemed to be not there before. In general, the album is excellent, so keep FringeMind, I hope that I will hear you again. So dear connoisseurs of the nu metal genre, listen, enjoy and dive into the madness of schizophrenia.

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