Death Metal >> Seal of Solomon (Oriental Death Metal from Turkey)
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Thursday 15 December 2011 - 08:45:59
Seal of Solomon founded by Can Berk Ocalir in 2009 (ex-Aggregate Pain vox) as the band called Unfurling.

While Can Berk Ocalir (N'efraim) continuing his vocal duty on Aggregate Pain, the Seal of Solomon project remained in suspend for

another 2 years.
After Tolga Sanli (Anshar) and Doguhan Korkut(Aefril) left the Aggregate Pain ,this interesting project HAS become risen again.
Prosperous band Razor's old, and the Extinction band's recent bass guitarist Ozan Murat Ozfen (Saladin) joined to band then he was

the member who gave the band's recent name Seal of Solomon.
After the E.P release band suspended for a while, but also worked on full lenght album.

In that time, Oguz Akal?n HAS left the band and another succesful guitarist Önder Dülger from Undertakers joined to band.

In the Aggregate Pain band, this team succeeded especially in foreign countries as well as in Turkey with the support and sponsorship

of Dorock Heavy Metal Club Istanbul.
In the base of its musical sound,it contains melodic,orientalist and symphonic stuff and its general genre is Melodic Death Metal and

a little Black Metal. Seal of Solomon HAS a lot of fans all over the world from old projects and their support growing day by day.

Because the opinions of fans and regular people are too important for the band so, Seal of Solomon growing everyday with the

people who is supporting the band. We all comimg back soon with brand new consept and tunes.

Band Members

Vocal: Can Berk Ocalir(Nefraim)
Lead Guitar: Onder Dulger
Rhythm Guitar: Ozan Murat Ozfen(Saladin)
Bass Guitar: Doguhan Korkut(Aefril)
Drums: Tolga Sanli(Anshar)


(2009) Aggregate Pain: Hereafter Revelations E.P

(2010) Aggregate Pain: Walking on the Netherworld

(January 2012) Seal of Solomon: Time of the Arallu E.P

Twitter: @Sealof_Solomon

Thursday 15 December 2011 - 13:05:57
OK, let's give my opinion on this song. If you're a Lazy bum and don't like to read an opinion in detail, here's my opinion in short: HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!one!!!111
Now for my opinion in detail:
This song had excellent vocals, both growls and some slightly clean, the drumming was fast and performed very well, the oriental parts fit in just perfectly, riffs were great. In other words: LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!! Awesome work guys.

Monday 06 August 2012 - 09:37:25
Not bad.

Friday 27 December 2013 - 03:08:27
Seal of Solomon's brand new debut album I The King coming soon...Please Subscribe our newsletter :