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We Are The Ocean : Discografía completa álbumes

We Are The Ocean : Cutting Our Teeth

Cutting Our Teeth

Album, 2010 - Hassle Records

1. Look Alive
2. Our Days Are Numbered
3. All This Has to End
4. Confessions
5. These Days, I Have Nothing
6. Don't Take Chances
7. (I'll Grab You by the) Neck of the Wood
8. Are You Proud of Me Now?
9. I Used to Be So Much More
10. This Is Called My Home

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We Are The Ocean : Go Now and Live

Go Now and Live

Album, 25 Abril 2011 - Hassle Records

1. Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic
2. What It Feels Like
3. The Waiting Room
4. Runaway
5. Trials and Tribulations
6. Overtime Is a Crime
7. Godspeed
8. Now and Then
9. Follow What You Need
10. Before I Die

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We Are The Ocean : Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow

Album, 17 Septiembre 2012 - Side One Dummy Records / Hassle Records

1. Stanford Rivers
2. Bleed
3. Young Heart
4. Story of a Modern Child
5. Machine
6. The Road (Run for Miles)
7. Golden Gate
8. Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow
9. Pass Me By
10.Chin Up, Son

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We Are The Ocean : Ark


Album, 11 Mayo 2015 - Side One Dummy Records / Hassle Records

1. Ark
2. I Wanna Be
3. Good for You
4. Do It Together
5. Shere Khan
6. Hope You’re Well
7. Letter to Michael
8. Holy Fire
9. Wild
10. There’s Nothing Wrong
11. The Midnight Law
12. Remember to Remember Them

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