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Remords Posthume : Discografía completa álbumes

Remords Posthume : Post Mortem Martyrium

Post Mortem Martyrium

Demo, 2007 - Auto-Production

1. Remords Posthume (a Funeral Preludium)
2. Four Centuries of Remorse, Hate and Lamentations
3. The Darkside of Paradise
4. Absinthe
5. Black Eyes, Red Drink
6. A Black Rose for My White Bride

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Remords Posthume : Posthumum Haeresis Ecclesiastica

Posthumum Haeresis Ecclesiastica

Album, 19 Septiembre 2014 - Auto-Production

1. Missale Illuminatum
2. Spectral Kingdom of Ghosts
3. Pontifex Haereticum
4. The Last Vision from The Morning
5. Vampirus Ecclesiasticus Mortis
6. The Gloomy Halls of Dementia
7. The Servants of Hell Light
8. Novus Ordo Posthumus
9. Imperium Infernale
10. Disharmonical Spiritual Mysticism
11. City of Fallen Angels

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