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Odeema : Konservatiivista Jazzia - Manga Kronor

Konservatiivista Jazzia - Manga Kronor

Split, 1994 - Merwi Records

1. Intro/Booming of Cannon
2. Main Title
3. A Horse Is a Horse
4. Commercial Noisecore Rules
5. Fly Like an Beagle
6. Let's Go Break Something
7. I Hate Words, Words Suck
8. We Are Losers but So What
9. Noise Ghost
10. Go Fuck Nazi Bastard
11. Teemu Tuominen Is King of Noise
12. No Use for a Music
13. Stick-in-the-Mud Jazz
14. A Shot in the Park
15. I Need Noise to Five
16. As I Pie
17. Don't Tell me Fairytales
18. Sid Is Dead
18. Nazi Fucks, Punk Off
19. Pekka Rasanen Is Phantom
20. We Are Only in it for Money
21. Kozmic Jazz
22. No Mas Fe No Mas
23. Elvis Is Dead
24. Don't Wanna Hear your Music
25. Make a Noise for my Baby
26. Kate Bush Is Back
27. Dirty Black Bummer
28. Song of Birds
29. Mob Job
30. Zig Zag
31. Fleeting Music
32. Noise Warriors
33. Horrendous Melody Kill All
34. Legalize Burner
35. Noise (Is Going on)
36. Vaino Kuisma Is Still Numskull
37. Good Old Noise
38. ln Noise you're Alone
39. Swallow your Own Shit
40. GG Is Dead
41. J. Morrison Is Dead
42. Sxxt, Pxxs and Fxxk
43. Cardinal (Fxck Like a Priest)
44. We Need More Cencorship
45. XXX XXXX XXXX xxxxxx
46. Cliff Burton Lives
46. Very Horrendous Music
47. Sammonkatu Jazz
48. Main Title (Extended Version)
49. Muiston Pysyvyys
50. Kaleerriorja
51. Pelko
52. Viaton Pieni Piristys
53. Jos Mina Olisin Maailman Valtias

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