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Necrotic (ESP) : discographie complète

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Necrotic (ESP) : Ad Nauseum

Ad Nauseum

Demo, Mars 1992 - Mis Cojones Records

1. Cerebral Reject
2. Internal Re-organization of Visceral Mass
3. Spasm of Infection
4. Detached Moments in the Life of One Mummified Hippy Cottle in the Mustache of James Hetfield
5. Asphixia
6. Disector (Nauseus Live)
7. Citotoxics Drugs
8. Necrorgasmic Dissection
9. Mass Production of Human Carnage / Fracture of the Sesamoid Bones in the Short Flexor of the Big Toe
10. Origin of the Blastemia In Regenerating Limbs of the New Triturus Viridiscens
11. Ad Nauseum
12. Mausoleum (Where Are You, Mom?)
13. Necrotic (Nauseus Live)
14. Bulla Extrema (Nauseus Live)
15. Intestinal Disturbance (Nauseus Live)

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Necrotic (ESP) : Fecal Disgorgement

Fecal Disgorgement

Demo, 10 Avril 1993 - Mis Cojones Records

1. Fecal Disgorgement
2. Stomachical Convulsions by a Blister Sphacelation
3. Covered by Pus
4. Cerebral Reject (Part II)
5. Septicemia Engendered by a Peritoneal Infection
6. The Civilized Society Destroyed by an Unknown Disease
7. Symptomatology of Lymphatical Filiariasis
8. (Outro) Visiones Morbosas Desde las Protundidades Oscuras del Cerebro Psicopata del Pollito Kalimero

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