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Kristy Krash Majors : complete achievements

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Kristy Krash Majors : The Devil in Me

The Devil in Me

Album, 2002 - Perris Records

1. Devil in Me
2. Over the Edge
3. Somebody Save Me
4. Kiss Me Deadly (Lita Ford Cover)
5. End of the World
6. Love Me / Hate Me
7. Rock City on the Radio
8. Don't Go Baby
9. Broken Dreams
10. Psychotherapy

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Kristy Krash Majors : For Those About to Sniff Some Glue... (We Salute You)

For Those About to Sniff Some Glue... (We Salute You)

Album, 2003 - Perris Records

A Tribute to the Ramones (All Songs Are Ramones Covers)
1. I Just Wanna Have Something to Do
2. Do You Wanna Dance
3. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
4. Go Mental
5. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
6. Questioningly
7. Locket Love
8. Censorshit
9. Today Your Love Tomorrow Your World
10. Why Is It Always This Way
11. Let's Go
12. California Sun
13. Sidewalk Surfin'

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Kristy Krash Majors : Goodbye Rock 'n' Roller

Goodbye Rock 'n' Roller

Album, 2003 - Perris Records

1. Goodbye Rock 'n' Roller
2. Hey Hey Punks
3. Bad Attitude
4. We Can't Go Back
5. It Doesn't Matter
6. Where It Ends
7. 21st Century Digital Boy
8. Out of Sight
9. Alexia
10. Afterglow

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