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Jewel (NL) : Discografía completa álbumes

Jewel (NL) : The Wildest Band in Heavyland!

The Wildest Band in Heavyland!

Demo, 1987 - Auto-Production

1. Metal Militia
2. Excalibur
3. Road to Katmandu
4. Little Paganini
5. La Morta !
6. Kings of Tomorrow

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Jewel (NL) : The Monster Muppetshow Live in L. E. !

The Monster Muppetshow Live in L. E. !

Live, 22 Abril 1989 - Classic Trash Records

1. Valley of the Kings
2. Warpaint
3. Bankok by Night
4. The Wonderful Tour of Little Peter Paganini
5. Catena D'amoure
6. Your Lazy
7. Time to Die
8. Circle of Despair
9. Heavy Scraffy Beffy
10. My Fuckin' Generation
11. Pindakaas

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Jewel (NL) : Revolution in Heaven

Revolution in Heaven

Album, 1991 - Classic Trash Records

1. Below the Belt
2. Dirty Bitch
3. These Boots (Are Made for Walking) (Nancy Sinatra Cover)
4. Circle of Despair
5. Blasting Glory
6. Lonely Without You
7. High Speed Pursuit
8. Road to Katmandu
9. God's Heart Attack
10. Warpaint
11. The Vietnam Requiem
a/ The Arrival
b/ Ignorance and Heavy Combat
c/ Second Tour
d/ Tunnel Warfare
e/ Search and Destroy Mission
f/ Tet Offensive
g/ The Disillusion
h/ The Awakening

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