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In Ruins (USA-2) : complete achievements

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In Ruins (USA-2) : In Ruins

In Ruins

Cassette, 2006 - Eternal Blasphemy Productions

1. Intro
2. Eden in Ruins
3. Damned
4. Burning Black Robes
5. The Apocalypse Clarion
6. A Respite from Dreaming
7. Engulf the Church
8. Lake of Infinite Sorrow
9. Perished At Dusk
10. Outro

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In Ruins (USA-2) : The Abyss Stares Back

The Abyss Stares Back

Cassette, 2007 - War Flagellation Productions

1. Grim Monolight
2. Legions of the Void
3. Shame to the Cross
4. The Red Night
5. The Dark Wood Spirit
6. Between the Stars
7. Endless Dusk
8. The Black Moon
9. The Abyss Stares Back
10. Nameless Evil
11. Eternity Awaits
12. The Descent

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In Ruins (USA-2) : In the Breath of Wind

In the Breath of Wind

Cassette, March 2007 - Sabbathid Records

1. Part I (Into the Forest of Witchlight)
2. The Dark Eminence
3. Sacrifice the Flesh
4. The Heathen Resistance
5. Arms of Leviathan
6. Part II (Grim Delight in Life's Decline)
7. Regathering Dreams
8. Fields of Burning White Skies
9. End of Days
10. Part III (Invocation of Apocalypse)
11. The Barrow Keeper
12. The Empty Winter
13. Foreknowledge of Damnation
14. In the Breath of Winds (On the Throne of Eternity)
15. Requiem

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