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Hangin'Out : discographie complète

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Hangin'Out : Hangin'Out & Brave Like A Cowboy

Hangin'Out & Brave Like A Cowboy

Split, Mai 2004 - Eye Spy Records

1. Eight Years
2. I Want I Can't
3. My Way
4. Conscious Dreams And Real Fears

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Hangin'Out : In Common Solitudes

In Common Solitudes

Album, Fevrier 2006 - We Are All Liars Records / Kickass Records

1. Intro
2. The Rich on Parade
3. Fight the Future
4. Ordinary
5. United We Fall
6. Make Some Noise
7. The Allergy Called Love
8. The King of Sins
9. Selling Our Souls
10. In Common Solitudes
11. All Arrivals Seem to Be the Same
12. Cheap Tickets to the Hell

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