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By Autumns End : Полная дискография альбомов

By Autumns End : The Serpent, the State, the Slaughter, the Plague

The Serpent, the State, the Slaughter, the Plague

Album, 17 Апрель 2007 - Hand Of Hope Records

1. You Won't Know What Hit You (And Even If You Did It Still Wouldn't Matter) 00:53
2. Chrome Hearts Come with Feeding Tubes 02:51
3. By the Way Thanks for Dressing Up (Bound and Gagged in a Pickup Truck) 02:50
4. Don't Worry Be Happy (We've All Been Reduced to Taxidermy) 03:05
5. Hang 'Em High 02:55
6. A Two Minute and Thirty Nine Second Panic Attack 02:39
7. Holly Blood (The Erection and Worship of False Idols) 02:49
8. What Does the Coroner Have to Say About It? 02:44
9. Come and Get One in the Yarbles (If You Have Any Yarbels) 02:25
10. The Most Hostile Environment (Since the Men's Room at a Buffalo Bills Game) 02:57
11. That's a Beautiful Accent 00:46
12. ...And I Asked, "Charlie Are We in Hell?" and He Replied, "Yeah It's Pretty Groovy Ain't It?" 03:37
Total playing time 30:31

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