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As The World Fades : Discografía completa álbumes

As The World Fades : As the World Fades

As the World Fades

Album, 2007 - Auto-Production

1. Press Start to Play
2. Here Come the New Challengers
3. One More Game. Please Mom !
4. I've Got a Top Score You Can't Beat
5. A Practical Guide for Imaginary Friends
6. World Six with No Warp Flute
7. Loss of Time Notion
8. Shine
9. Do Not Harm Yourself After the Tone
10. Hidden Track

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As The World Fades : Demo 2008

Demo 2008

Demo, 2008 - Self-Produced

1. Intro
2. The Cool Song with the Cool Intro
3. I Made a Mess on Your Dress
4. I'm a Sprinter, I Don't Do Marathons
5. When 1+2=3

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As The World Fades : Pre Production

Pre Production

Demo, 02 Noviembre 2009 - Ningun label conocida

1. We're So Mainstream
2. Never Enough Alien Invasions

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