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传记 : Falling For Unreal

The band started in late 2007 in the same line-up as present under the name Angera. While they started writting their own material and as they played a couple of shows, the lead singer Li decided it would be best, if he sticks to the vocals so he left the shreding to Davor. With Aljoša Beber on the bass and Marcel Kukovec on the drums they are now known as Falling For Unreal, playing what's most common to describe as thrash/hardcore.

The band released 4 of their songs in late March in 2010 and is now trying to play as many shows as possible as they are already working on new material to record for their further releases.

"The stage performance is pure energy, making you wanna tear yourself apart", "precise and heavy", ... some comments left from the audiance of their recent show.

They maybe started as the underdog band, but are now here to leave their mark in the years to come.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/fallingforunreal