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Biography : Zyklon-B (NOR)

Zyklon-B is a project band started by Samoth of Emperor/Burzum/Satyricon/Arcturus back in 1993. It is kind of a cult band 'cause they've only made one record, which is about hate and death, and which was recorded in the middle of all the chaos in Norway with burning down christian churches, the killing of Euronymous of Mayhem etc. Samoth got Frost of Satyricon to join the band on drums. As Samoth expresses, this is not a nazi- nor a racist band. It is an aggresion against the downfall of humanity, that is practically at it's end with no decency and values left. People tend to get nazi associations because of the bandname Zyklon-B, which is a chemical substance also called blue acid (HydrogeneCyanide). It was used during the period of holocaust in the nazi koncentrazion camps in Poland, Auschwitz and Birkenau. The chemical was supposed to have been used to kill jews, as it, when in liquid form and exposed to temperatures exceeding 25,7 degrees celsius, boils and creates a gas that penetrates your skin and kills you within a short period of time. It is also used as an insectkiller.