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Biography : Zuhatag

Zuhatag was founded in 1996 in Fegyvernek, a small city in Hungary close to Szolnok. The members are : Hornyak Öcsi - bass, vocals Kovács Szabolcs - guitars Vásárhelyi Peti - drums This is the original formation of the band, it was never changed !

In the beginning, the band played famous songs from different bands in small pubs. In 1997, we have recorded five own songs and published it on MC, with the title 5231. We have received good feedback from the press nad we went on a tour with the band called Mood. We have participated in some talant contests. In Jászberény and Pásztó we have taken the first place and in Szolnok the second place in 1998. We have recorded our new album, Ezerrel in 1999. It included eight new songs.

In 2000, we had been touring with the band, Bomber. In the meantime, we had been supporting also Tankcsapda and made a small own tour as well. We have played before Blind Guardian in the E-Klub in Budapest.

In 2001, we have recorded the MINDENTFELŐRLŐ album. It is including ten new songs. we have made a videoclip for the Lenyeg song that was shown on the ATV tv channel. We have performed our first own show in the Raday klub, Budapest.

In 2002, we got in the final of the Zebra club club band contest. With this result we got the chance to play on the Hegyalja and ZED festivals. In march we were the support band for Tankcsapda and Freshfabrik in Törökszentmiklós. We have made a small club tour and had a concert with Rémember as well. We played before Lord and Karthago in Szolnok on a big rock festival. In the summer, we had shows on the Hegyalja and ZED festival and we played on a few bikers festival.

We have published the MINDENTFELÖRLŐ album by ourself. The CD was ready in December and was distributed by record company of the hungarian Metal Hammer magazin. We made the album premier in the Ráday klub in Budapest. On the FIX television we have performed a live show.

In the spring of 2003, we have made a club tour and we played before the Lord as well in Kaposvár. In march, an interview was published in the Metal Hammer magazin with the band . We made a video clip for the Adj erőt song but, unfortunatelly, it was never shown on tv. We had an interview on the FIX tv RockFan program and the videoclip of the Lényeg song was shown. In the summer, we have played on the WANTED and HEGYALJA festivals and for the first time on the EFOTT (big festival for university students in Hungary). We made a videoclip for the Biztos, hogy az Ördög song that was shown on the hungarian VIVA television for the first time.

New songs were written during the whole year and we played them on concerts as well. In the autumn we played two times on the tour of Tankcsapda nad in the Ráday klub we supported Lord. We had shows in new cities like Pécs and Debrecen. In november, an interview was made with us on the FIX tv's RockFan program and also the new videoclip was shown.

In the beginning of 2004, we had three gigs with Tankcsapda in Kunszentmárton, Kisújszállás and Dunaújváros. In the summer, we played on the Hegyalja, Wanted festivals and also Mindszent on the Rock festival. We have started the recording of the new album called Egyetlen.The recording was done in the Denevér studio in Szolnok. In 2005 we have finished the first videoclip for the new album's Jöjjön song. The clip was shown on the VIVA television. We plan two other videos for this album for the Ami éltet and the Egyetlen songs. The CD will contain a multimedia section as well with videos, mp3s from the previous albums and pictures. We haven't found a record company for the new album, so we are collecting money and we will publish it on our own. In our home town, we had started a Rock club to have opportunity for young talented bands to show themselves in public.

In 2006, we have started our new webpage first time in english as well. We have continuosly concerts and we still collect money for the new album. We plan to release it in the end of summer. See You on the summer festivals.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/zuhatag