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传记 : Zargof

After some projects that preceded the formation of the horde, the members Bergelmir (guitars, vocal) and Bellhharar Belphegor (drums) join with a serious proposal of work.

The chosen name for the project would come to be Zargof, name based on a pagan myth of glorious warrior of same name, Bergelmir, F. Fenrir e Bellhharar composed the first music of the band, and summon some musicians to complete the formation.

Then the 1st work appeared "Departure For The Cosmic Twilight ". Such work well produced and elaborated, containing five music, surrendered a very positive return so criticize as public.

After the release conclusion (in July of 2004), the band had difficulties of stabilization.

Only after some time, precisely in March of 2005, she noticed, recruiting excellent musicians, that faced the seriousness of the project, L. Svart (Luiz C. ) for the guitars and W. Tammuz (Luiz A. ) for the bass.

Nowadays, the whole band is engaged in the production of the next release, foreseen for the middle of 2006. Such material with certainty will count with the natural musical evolution of the group, and with the good gearing obtained in the current formation.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/zargofofficial