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Biography : Yaotzin

Yaotzin is originally formed by Theo and Bas in the year 1995. Joeri joined the band as a guitarist and his girlfriend (at that time) Wieteke played the bass guitar for a while but was replaced by Merijn.

We performed live for the first time in April of 1996 in Argus Alkmaar. Later that year we were asked to play a second gig, again in Argus. Arno (Lascivious) joined as our second guitarist and was soon to be our only guitarist after Joeri left in 1997.

A couple of gigs followed and bass player Merijn got replaced by Sander v. H. (Lascivious). Finally Yaotzin became a solid blackmetal war machine. Three more gigs followed. We steadily became faster and faster.

In July 1998 a first demo-cd was recorded at the midfloor studio. After we had played several gigs and some festivals we found a solid rehearsal room at the Black Noise Studio.

Consolation, a well-known death/black metal band in Holland, performed at de Kade in Zaandam with Yaotzin as an opening act in 1999. In 2001 we performed at a festival at Trapman in Schagen. That same year we did gigs at Asgard in Beverwijk and De Bakkerij in Castricum.

We recorded a rehearsal cd with old and new songs in 2001. We decided to get a second guitarist to extend the aggression and fury in our music. Sander S. (The Drowned) joined as our second guitar player.

Due to some mental problems, some accidents and the loss of important people close to us we were not able to stay in the blackmetal scene during 2002 and 2003. We managed to get things back on track once again and have proven our existence at the Sear Bliss tour of 2004 where we unleashed hell upon the crowd. Lots of old and new fans came to see us and many of them are anxious to see us again!

The year 2005 started out great when we were asked by another black metal band from Germania to headline a festival in Berlin. More gigs in Germania came forth from that gig. We are now focusing on getting as many gigs as possible to reach all metalheads out there. At the moment we are in the process of recording a new cdemo, to be unleashed in the near future.

Keep in touch with us through our website http://www.yaotzin.com for info, media and gigs in an area near you.

Source : http://www.yaotzin.com/