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January–March 1985
Despite being totally unimpressed with each other, Alis and Jonah Dee decide to start a new band. From a musical standpoint, they don't come from the same background, yet based on the only common influence – Alice Cooper – they write a series of songs. They record their first demo, four tracks, at the producer Magnus Frykberg's home studio without any other musicians.

April 1985
Alis sets fire to his best friend's house while testing a smoke bomb in the basement.

June 1985
Andy Clarke joins the band as a bassist.

August 1985
Drummer Jake Samuel (later drummer for Talisman and vocalist for The Poodles) rounds out the band after responding to a newspaper ad that Yale Bate places for “Sweden's answer to Tommy Lee”.

November 1985
The band's first gig is in the cafeteria of a school on Lidingö Island, on Saturday, 11 November. A paying audience of over 350 people witnesses their debut.

February 1986
The band fires Andy Clarke. He starts playing with a band from Rinkeby called Sexx. Yale Bate's new bassist is Pontus Egberg (later of The Poodles).

April 1986
Yale Bate breaks up when Jonah, Jake and Pontus start the new band Life Line. Andy leaves Sexx, and he and Alis revive Yale Bate. The band auditions a long line of drummers and guitarists without success.

July 1986
Alis and Andy record a new demo, backed by Afro Santunione on guitar and Magnus Frykberg on drums.

September 1986
After countless late-night phone calls and one almost magical rehearsal, all four original band members decide to reunite.

May 1987
The band adds keyboardist Chris Di Neen.

June 1987
Yale Bate wins a local band battle, Lidingö Rock, despite Jake performing with his foot in a cast. First prize includes the opportunity to record a single.

December 1987
The band releases the single “Winds Of Change/Comin' Home”.

April 1988
Finalists in the Pop 88 contest at the Hard Rock Café, Stockholm.

May 1988
Winners in the youth class of the major national competition Rock SM 1988. The final is held at the arena Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Saturday 21 May.

Augusti 1988
The band releases the four-track EP “On the Prowl”.

September 1989
Yale Bate begins collaborating with the production and entertainment company PJP.

February 1990
The newly started City Records label releases the band's LP/CD “Business or Pleasure”.

June 1990
Jake Samuel leaves the band to join Talisman along with Marcel Jacob and Jeff Scott Soto. Yale Bate plays its final gig with Jake behind the drums at the Blues Brothers Club in Stockholm. Yale Bate's new drummer is Tony Madsen, who plays his first gig with the band six days later in Malmö.

August 1990
The “new” Yale Bate signs a contract with BMG Publishing and records eleven new tracks at Charlie Hillson's studio in Hjorthagen, Stockholm.

January 1991
Yale Bate plays its final official gig on Saturday 26 January at Kool Kat Club in Stockholm. The band breaks up shortly thereafter.

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