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Biography : Xabaras

The Xabaras project was born in February 2009 from the anagram of Abraxas, a word with mystic mean.
The singer Antonello Lorandi met the bassist Michele Massoletti during a Pansera’s live by the Midian Live Pub in Cremona.
Thanks to their great feeling they decided to join them in a band, but they needed a guitarist and a drummer too.
After a lots of contacts in March they met Mauricio Calderon, already guitarist of Apophis band.
They made several efforts to find a drummer, but always unsuccessfully.
Finally in July in a recording studio they listened to playing the drummer of Kennel, Michele Cortinovis.
They moved him for joining them in the band with the aim to create an innovative sound inspired by the progressive death music.
He immediately took them up.
At last with all the required members in August the Xabaras project could take place: the band partecipates in the 2010 edition of National Music Festival City of Palladio in Recoaro Terme (VI).
After brillianty past preliminary and semifinals, the Xabaras get the third place in the Rock+ section winning the awards for best guitarist and best bassist.
The 21th of january 2011, Xabaras announce a new entry in the band: the second guitarist Manuel Mandurino, who also play with Television 60's and Bloodspell.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/xabarasdeath