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Biographie : Wrust

Wrust, a metal band based in Gaborone (Botswana, Southern Africa) was formed by Stux Daemon in the winter of 2000 (formally known as Rust).

Between the year 2000 and 2002, it went through rigorously line-up changes. The band reached stability when Master (drummer) was recruited early 2002. At that time, it was a three piece band with Stux on guitars/vocals and Sbond on bass. The band was later joined by BG (former guitarist of War-Tog, Metal band in the UK) towards the end of 2002.

It then played numerous shows, small gigs alongside Metal Orison and major festivals including the Gaborone Beer Fest. 2003, University of Botswana Fresher’s ball (2002 and 2005) and the annual event called Rock Against AIDS (Agro, Metal Orison) which raises funds for the orphans whom are victims of AIDS. The event also attracts bands from South Africa as well.

Wrust recorded a demo mid 2003 dubbed "Mirth of Sorrow" which would never be released due to the less appealing sound quality. It was this demo that would let Wrust be involved in the battle of bands in Durban - South Africa, getting position two and managing to win a brand new drum set. The band was so impressive that the organizers of the battle later asked Wrust to be the opening acts of Brazilian gozilas Sepultura on their first ever South Africa tour in Durban on 3rd September 2003, a show to always remember.

Wrust was later that year were among the headliners of the Witchfest Extreme Metal Festival in South Africa (Johannesburg) an annual metal festival organized by Witchdoctor Records. The festival showcased a total of 11 extreme metal bands.

However, the band suffered a major set back in 2005 when BG on guitars and S'Bond on bass quit. This did not stop the remaining members from working towards their vision. It wasn’t long before the band found a replacement bassist D.O who would fill the two positions with easy and mesmerizing the fans. As a three piece release an 8 track album recorded in 4 days at Bizac Studio. The album release was followed by the “The African Chaos Tour”. A tour in which Wrust would get a chance to play venues they have never played before Cape town (SA), Durban, Bloemfontein (SA), Vitbank (SA), Rustenburg (SA), Pretoria (SA), Maun (Botswana) and Windhoek (Namibia).

In 2008, Wrust introduced an extra guitarist, Ben Phaks Mophakedi, to increase on the Brutality of the rhythm sections. The introduction of a second guitar sees Wrust becoming even more brutal and more musical than before creating straight in your face music.

The band therefore headlined a lot of shows in Botswana and internationally amongst them are the Woodstock 2008 (Gaborone), The Augustus Metal (Gaborone) and the most recent The Windhoek Metal Fest. 2009 (Windhoek).

Currently, the band is Studio Recording the follow-up to the Soulless Machine which was released in 2007 through Witchdoctor Records.

"Here comes the machines of hate will liberate the souls of the blackened"