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Biography : Wildpath

It all began during the summer of 2001, when school friends Alexis Garsault (keyboards) and Olivier Caron (lead guitar) started to play together in a typical basement / garage band setting. It was only a short time before these extremely talented and creative musicians began writing their own material to accompany their unique and signature music sounds and style.

WildPath was born...

The band spent the next two years writing, rehearsing and playing live at every possible opportunity.

By the end of 2003, WildPath recorded a demo -- "Necromancer" -- which was uploaded on the band's website.

Attracted by its melodic, yet powerful sound, as well as its intricate & flowing compositions, fans massively downloaded WildPath's material. The band became the focus of discussions and reports on many forums as their popularity grew.

The buzz reached the ears of Willdric Lievin (ex-Fairyland, and founder of Hamka) who engineered the recording of their debut album, "Nyx Secrets". Caroline Michaud has provided vocals for the album. Released in Japan at the end of 2006 by StayGold, "Nyx Secrets" was considered as one of the best CDs of the year by trend setter/artist Makoto Wada. The Album was featured on HMV's Top50.

Sleek, chockfull of musical intricacies and soaring vocals, "Nyx Secrets" is symphonic metal at its most sophisticated. It wanders on really wild and different paths, paying homage to classical composers, folk and medieval songs, heavy rock pieces and melodic metal bands. With its unique sound and style the album and the group is hard to classify and hard to compare to others, it is maybe best described by a veteran USA music professional who stated: "That with all of it's pleasing melodic qualities it is more than exciting enough to make you headbang the night away, it blows your ears off and takes your mind to a new experience, a true WildPath!"

Joining Alexis and Olivier are Matthias Bouyssou on guitar, Christophe Le Merrer on bass, Jean-Marc Toussaint on drums, and new vocalist Manuela E. Mortensen. They are now a powerful and major force soon to launch on the International music scene.

WildPath! The name says it all!

Source : http://www.myspace.com/wildpath