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Biografia : Vows In Ashes

The complete line up of Vows in Ashes formed in the Summer of 2003 with the addition of vocalist Logan Perez to the existing trio of Lance Alba (guitars), Joel Rogers (guitars), and Mario Silvas (drums). The formative years of the band began in the Spring of 2000 when Joel searching for band members had a chance meeting with Lance in a college class both were enrolled in. Upon talking, it was determined both had similar musical interests and began playing guitar together at Joel's off campus apartment. With Lance being very accomplished at finger style and classical guitar, and Joel being an experienced and studied lead guitarist the two wrote five classical/acoustic guitar titles over the next few years all being of high complexity and arrangement, and displaying the creativity and skill of both guitarists. Two of the songs were recorded in the fall of 2001, but were recorded in analog and got no further than the pre-production stage. Look for some of these tracks to appear on future Vows in Ashes releases.

The first few years Joel and Lance were together they had auditioned various drummers and bass players, none being satisfactory in the style the two were looking for. However, in early 2003, drummer Mario Silvas auditioned, blowing away all expectations formely possessed by the guitar duo. Mario was added to the ranks immediately bringing un-paralleled style, skill, and song writing abilities to the fold.

Now with the group being a trio, the search for a bass player ensued. Unfortunately everyone that auditioned was not near the musical level of the three existing band members. Some applicants would arrive to the audition only owning small practice amps, and one applicant informed Joel over the phone he did not even own a bass guitar! Eventually the group decided to begin auditioning vocalists hoping to have better luck. The first vocalist to audition was Logan Perez hailing from San Marcos, Tx, also the hometown of Lance. Logan put on an impressive vocal display, and showed much creativity from the initial audition. The three band members decided a few days later to cancel all other auditions, and add Logan to the group bringing much musical skill and song writing knowledge along with his unlimited charisma to the band. In addition, it was also discovered he would be capable of taking over duties on bass, thus completing the line up.

The journey to obtain the current line up of Vows in Ashes has been long and arduous, but all members fit together and compliment each other so well, it could not have possibly worked any better, with each member being invaluable in what they offer to the group as a whole.