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TortureR was founded by Francisco "Pancho" Cautin (Bass & Vocal) in 1989 in Santiago, Chile.

They recorded their first demo tape “Kingdom Of The Dark” in 1990 receiving critical acclaim both locally and internationally.

In 1991 they signed a recording contract to release “Kingdom Of The Dark” in France causing a big impact in the global scene, especially in Europe, where they were reviewed in prestigious magazines such as METALHAMMER, PROGRESS, among others. They were also invited to a number of radio shows.

In 1992 they are signed by INFEST RECORDS and record their debut L.P. “Oppressed By The force”, a solid cornerstone in the band's career.

It is important to point out that TORTURER performed in Lima-Peru two consecutive years (1993 and 1994) as a supporting act for two Latin American metal festivals, including bands from Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

The band will tour restlessly in the following years in every region of the country until 1995. Then some members quit the band, after which TORTURER enters a brief hibernation period. When they reunited with a revamped lineup the EP “LOS ÚLTIMOS TIEMPOS” is recorded all with Spanish lyrics.

In March of 1997 drummer Martín Valenzuela and guitar players Sebastián Morales and Francisco Garcés joined the band, determined to give TORTURER and honesty-driven push. Since this date, TORTURER sound like a real band and no like individual talents.

In June of 1998, the refreshed TORTURER opened for KREATOR, showing undeniable music prowess and leaving the crowd of 3000 fans a fantastic impression. The same year they recorded “Advance L.P. 1999”, a perfect combination of the brutal power of “Kingdom Of The Dark” and the technicality of “Oppressed By The force”, one important collectible for their followers.

In September of 1999 Garcés left the band and is replaced by Pablo Navarrete.

On May 25th of 2001, TORTURER played live the most waited L.P. “Rise From The Ashes” in La Batuta (Santiago), digitally recording the 16 tracks that went to make up their first live LP. named “Live From The Ashes”, comprising 9 songs of extreme powerful Death Thrash.

This LP, a co-production between TORTURER and the Japanese label BLOODBATH RECORDS, is being commercially distributed from June 2002 on in Europe and Asia by the Japanese company and in Chile and Latin America by the band itself.

In July of the same year, Garcés rejoins the band to face the challenge of recording the upcoming album, TORTURER's fourth studio record.

TORTURER is signed by the Australian label APOCALYPTOR RECORDS to release a vinyl limited edition of 500 copies of “Rise From The Ashes”. This collectible is currently on sale.

During January of 2003, after negotiations between TORTURER and APOCALYPTOR RECORDS, the upcoming album have been marketed on picture disc format, a true and unprecedented milestone for the Chilean recording industry.

Finally, on November/1st 2003, TORTURER launched their new production tentatively named “The Flames Of Purification”. This L.P. include 7 brand new songs and one cover of the mythical thrashers masters, "SADUS".

Today, TORTURER is preparing the new album It will be on sale on 2007.

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