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Biography : Tormented Vision

Formed in March 2007, Tormented Vision set out to create music that would get people’s heads banging like never before.

Combining the heavy riffing of axe-men Dan Brookes and Anoop Kundi, aggressive vocals, an epic cross of thrash and death metal was to be unleashed.

The band set about recording a 3-track demo at Post Office Studios (Wednesbury) in March 2008 to showcase the potential they held.

After a difficult time of several line-up changes, Tormented Vision enlisted the skills of Jake Eades on drums and Ben Northfield on Bass. However recently due to unforseen circumstances, Tormented Vision have had to part ways with full time Bassist Ben Northfield and are now on the look out for a new bassist to add to the ranks.

Auditions have already begun and for upcoming gigs Tormented Vision have enlisted the skills of a session bassist, Mr Thom Mcloughlin.

With all of this going on Tormented Vision still found the time to record a Full Length Album and single. They are due to release their single in April for their song Out For Blood and the album which is their first Full Length album entitled, 'Incite Hatred' is to be released in June.

The Single is to include two tracks and the Album is to include 8 Tracks of Pure Death/Thrash Metal.

The Album is due for release on the 26th June 2010 at Scruffy Murphys in Birmingham.

Sounding as brutal as ever and being described as “so heavy, it’ll make your nose bleed,” Tormented Vision are continuing the onslaught on the masses!


For gig availability or for Preorders of the Album, please message them at www.myspace.com/TormentedVision or email tormentedvision@googlemail.com.

Source : www.Myspace.com/TormentedVision