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The Graveyard Boulevard is a rock 'n' roll band from North Carolina that blends elements of metal and punk with dark comedy and things that go bump in the night. The band has refined a music style of catchy tunes without compromising an aggressive attitude. They have shared the stage with notable acts such as the Misfits, Hollywood Undead, Rock City Morgue (featuring Sean Yseult of White Zombie), Wednesday 13, Sex Slaves, Blitzkid, The Independents, and Ghoultown.

In 2002, The Graveyard Boulevard was created by core members of the world famous, "Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13." Founding members, Abby Normal, Sicko Zero and Seaweed, collaborated with Wednesday 13 on multiple FDQ CD's and were heralded by Rue Morgue Magazine as, "the most bad ass, transvestite, horror-punk band of the millennium."

"Toe Tags & Body Bags" was The Graveyard Boulevard's debut CD on Antidote Records in 2003. Notable songs from that disk include "Popcorn", "That's My Mom" and "Choke Yourself". Vocals on this CD were primarily performed by Seaweed and Professor Alan Sluggs. Soon after the release of "Toe Tags & Body Bags", the band parted ways with Professor Sluggs and continued on as a 3-piece unit.

Recording of the band's 2nd CD, "Dead City Radio", began in 2005 with Seaweed and Abby splitting the vocal duties. Near the end of recording, Seaweed made the decision to take a break from the music business. While this was a major setback, Abby spent several more months re-recording Seaweed's vocals and writing new songs. Bryon "Numbskull" Bates took over the bass guitar role and "Dead City Radio" was finally released in 2006 on EVP Records. Sales of the CD sold well to many different countries, due largely to the band's notoriety garnered by Sicko Zero's and Abby Normal's roles in the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13.

The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 featured vocalist/guitarist Wednesday 13, who formed The Murderdolls with Joey Jordison of Slipknot around 2003. Between 1996 and 2001, The Frankenstein Drag Queens released a total of 4 CDs and gained a reputation that lives on. The original FDQ CDs became so extremely desired and expensive through online auction sites that in 2006, Ryko Records and People Like You Records released a FDQ box-set called, "Little Box Of Horrors", containing all the FDQ CDs plus a number of bonus features. The world-wide release of "Little Box of Horrors" quickly disappeared from store shelves.

While Sicko Zero and Seaweed contributed greatly to most of the extensive Frankenstein Drag Queens song library, the 2006 release of "Little Box Of Horrors" marked the first time Abby Normal's contribution to FDQ was officially made available to fans. The box set included eight previously unreleased songs that featured Abby on guitar and backup vocals. Around that time, Abby and Sicko once again reunited with Wednesday 13 the perform several select shows as The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. It was the first time all three performers had shared the same stage since performing as Maniac Spider Trash (pre - Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13). Oddly enough, it also marked the first time Abby and Sicko Zero ever performed together in the same FDQ line-up.

Prior to The Frankenstein Drag Queens, Abby Normal, Sicko Zero, and Wednesday 13 started their rock 'n' roll careers in "Maniac Spider Trash". While Maniac Spider Trash never achieved the huge underground buzz of FDQ, the band did record many notable songs. One song even made an appearance on The Murderdolls CD, "Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls". Maniac Spider Trash released a 6-song cassette in 1994 called, "Dumpster Mummies". The following studio session was in 1995 to record a full-length CD called, "Murder Happy Fairytales". However, after the songs were completed but before a CD was released, the decision was made to end Maniac Spider Trash and create the more punk influenced, "Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13".

In 2007, The Graveyard Boulevard released a DVD for the holidays called, "Silent Night, Holy Shit". It mixed live performance footage with holiday hijinks, such as Abby visiting a festive mall dressed as a zombie Santa Claus to deliver rib bones to good girls and boys.

During 2008, the band continued to record new songs. However, 2008 also saw a number of obstacles. Bryon "Numbskull" Bates left the band and was briefly replaced by original bassist, Seaweed. Soon after, Scoty Scurvy grabbed the bass player position and has brought a new level of energy to live performances.

Most recently, founding member and drummer, Sicko Zero, has taken a break to focus on his new family. Zero became a proud father in October, 2008 and has been relishing this important time of his life. Fortunately, Abby has managed to keep pushing the band forward and recruited experienced drummer, John Doe, to fill the void on drums.

The band's third CD, "Rock Scars", was released in 2009 and is on target for being The Graveyard Boulevard's most successful release yet.

During the Spring/Summer of 2009, Abby Normal will be performing as bass player for "The Independents".

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