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Texas Hippie Coalition hails from the Red River valley located on the border of northern Texas and southern Oklahoma. THC (AKA) “THE BAND OF OUTLAWS” is the flagship of the underground music movement known as Red Dirt Metal. Their brand of uncompromising pure rock n roll is as tough as the backwoods they grew up in.

As each member of the Texas Hippie Coalition will testify,
“TROUBLESOME TIMES” have knocked on their doors more than the group would care to remember. The formidable' intimidating, driven figure that has held the hippies together through thick and thin is the “Godfather of Red Dirt Metal” Big Dad Ritch.

The imposing vocalist himself hand picked an extraordinary group of “against the grain” musicians to spearhead this decibel shattering southern metal movement. The band includes guitarist Randy Cooper and Michael Hayes, bassist John Exall and drummer Scott “Cowboy” Lytle. Having developed a loyal fan base due to the intensity of their shows, THC has further ingrained themselves to its legion of proud coalition members, with the release of a blistering 10 song CD/DVD destined to turn the rock world on its ear.

The man responsible for the sound of their cd, multi-platinum “producer extraordinaire.” David Prater is in for the long haul. For the last five years he has actively worked with the band in developing their material and continues to advise them in many facets of their operations. His “mad scientist” approach to production with the Texas Hippie Coalition set standards even the uber-successful producer himself admits were recording firsts. The results are nothing short of spectacular. The album kicks off with the brutal guitar attack of “No Shame” which immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album. The snarling voice of Big Dad Ritch is at full throttle when the band launches into its signature song, “Pissed Off and Mad about It”. All fans have there favorites from the outlaw attitude of “TEXAS TAGS” to the redneck ways of “RIVERBOTTOM”.

A not so surprising fact about this recording is the rabid interest the music has garnered from the nation's armed forces serving in Iraq. For instance, every morning before a patrol convoy heads out the gates of the base compound down the dangerous Fallujah streets, they blare THC's “Crawlin” on their bullhorns to let the insurgent forces know the Americans are coming. Recently a military unit deploying out of Fort Hood for the middle east adopted the band's emotionally riveting, “Troublesome Times” as their very own, singing to their families as they left “I am coming home”!

Once every generation the rules that define rock and roll are tossed aside when a band of epic proportions appears out of nowhere to bludgeon the public with its unique style of music and social commentary. Texas Hippie Coalition is proud to claim the crown as the kings of Red Dirt Metal. The uncompromising attitude of this band was best summed up by Big dad Ritch. When asked what TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION is really about, he growled, took a deep breath, and stared a hole straight through the stranger and summed up the essence of Red Dirt Metal in a single word –“ LIFE.”

Source : THC Managment