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SPEEED were founded 1999 by Aaron Randall and Jack Frost - The All-Star lineup should get the metal scene standing and taking notice. Starting with former ANNIHILATOR singer Aaron Randall from Vancouver, B.C., Canada who did vocals on “Set The World On Fire” (1993) - he received massive press on the record and toured throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. with ANNIHILATOR. Aaronís voice broke ANNIHILATOR into the Japan market by selling 20,000 units in that country. Guitar-wizard Jack Frost from the U.S.A has been a busy boy lately releasing debuts with his own band SEVEN WITCHES and the OVERKILL-sideband THE BRONX CASKET CO. The press has gone nuts on these by giving them 10 out of 10 in all the mags and Jack is being praised as one of the new up and coming guitaristís of the new millennium. Drummer Ray Hartmann has been with ANNIHILATOR since day one, on the ground breaking “Alice in Hell” release, and has also been in the publics eye lately releasing the new ANNIHLATOR “Criteria For Black Widow”- CD which Europe has just eaten it up and could be recruited for the recordings of SPEEED! Bassist Bernie Altmann is noslouch to the fold. He played for TRAGEDY DIVINE who quit shorty after releasing their debutalbum (1996) and will be releasing a CD entitled “Mindkiller” with his new band SPIRAL TOWER on September 20th, 1999, also via Massacre Records. SPEEED recorded their debut “Powertrip Pigs” in Vancouver, B.C. at Premier Studios, being produced by Mike Behm, Jack Frost and Aaron Randall. Mixing was done by Delwyn Brooks who has worked with well known producers Bruce Fairbairn and Mike Fraser (Fear Factory, Aerosmith, a.o.). The mastering was in the trustful hands of Alexander Krull (Atrocity, Anvil, Whiplash, Spiral Tower, Powergod ...) and the artwork was done by Danny Muro (Dream Theater,White Lion, Whplash etc).The band has signed with German heavy hitters Massacre Records, and the very diversed songs which show a good variety of old-school Metal with modern sounds speak for themselves: “China Town”, “Monkey Brains”, “Chrystal Meth”, “I Used To Believe”, “Speed” or the Christopher Cross covertune “Ride Like The Wind”. So sit back for the ride of a lifetime: “SPEEED”!!!