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Saligia meets Lord Astaroth (guitar) with which form the Infernal Tenebris. Count Decameron and Agares (keyboard) consoscentis of Saligia already enter to belong to the project together and subsequently to Lord of Pestilence (how bass player) from a little known by Lord Astaroth.


They begin the first tests and they are born the first pieces. After various tests, to the voice Lord passes of Pestilence. First strong tensions between the group and Lord Astaroth that they flow in the last hunting party. After some test with other guitarists it passes to the solo guitar Lord of Pestilence.


It enters to make part Nurthur in the dresses of bass player which it gives, new thickness to the music and new ideas to the group, over that to a discovery enthusiasm, is begun to treat the matter for the first album : "the Black Plague in Italy" from this theme the name of the group is also born, that finally becomes Speculum Mortis.

Thanks also to Nik keyboard player and friend of Lord of Pestilence and great expert of medieval history are born ideas on the realization of the passages both to musical level that lyric through the study deepened of the period ; in fact the medieval imprint in the music starts to make evident detaching the group from what was the 2 year-old initial project before...

There is less and less besides space for Agares and his interpretation in the undertaken run. For which its behaviors induce then the group to fall to pieces of him. The parts of keyboard will be submitted to Nik which gathers the essence of the group, creating over the intro, the music that accompagnia the "Vado Mori", the key piece of the album.

They are born besides in this period Speculum Verae Penitence, Macabre Triumph, Livor Mortis and St. Leonardo Fossamala.


First exits live for the group that has started to work to two new pieces since March : Speculum Mortis and Pogrom. The group also starts to stir to promotional level through the publication of sites internet and this door to the contact with the Ukraina Griffin Music.
In the first days of July, the band is closed in the Conquest Studio of Gallarate where it records debut 1348 with Alex "the king" Party already manufacturing of jobs of Doomsword, Winespirit...
The group ago therefore to go out the album in limited version numbered of 120 copies for the Vomitarcanus prod and in the meantime grants him with the Griffin music for the molding, promotion and distribution to international level of 1000 copies of the album.
In the second part of the year the group immediately puts on to the job for the succession of 1348 : a new concept on the family Borgia.


To beginning year the intense activity live brings the group to play fest to the Hellblast and to Transylvania live in Milan. Set aside then the projects live, the band it puts again him to the job on the preparation of the new project that starts to take shape.

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