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Soulslide was formed in a summer night in September 2002. David (guitar) and Lars (drums) decided, that the future must bring more possibilities for their musical progress. The new band should consist of musicians who are close friends and who know exactly what they want. They want to move straight forward in the future. So it came to the following cast:

The important part on keys was filled by Simone. Since a long time they played together with her, and because of the strength of their friendship it was an easy and well done decision. For the bass-job they decided to take Hendrik, a very impressive and experienced musician. Once again they could win a close friend as a band-member. The only thing missing in this team was a powerful vocalist. Luck was on their side and so they found Sandra. After visiting a rehearsal she decided to give her voice to Soulslide.

Soulslide recorded their debut album "Dreamshade" from January to February 2003. The CD includes four songs recorded at the Play-it-Loud Studio in Duisburg (Germany).

At first Soulslide recorded those four tracks for the Promo-CD so that they could find a label, and to respond to the great demand of the fans they also produced 400 pieces, 100 signed by the band members. The CD includes the tracks 01. Nightmare 02. The Dreamer 03. Soulslide 04. Alone in the dark. The cd was sold-out after 5 month so they produced another 1000 pieces.

In the end of 2003 Sandra moved back to Austria and Lars left the band because of musical and personal differences.

Soulslide recorded their next demo in 2004 at House of Music together with engineer Achim Köhler and drummer Jörg Michael (Stratovarius). It was cool of Jörg that he helped out immediately after they asked him as he likes to play and was convinced by the material! This gave them the great opportunity to continue working on the newer songs. During that time Christian Lessner produced the videoclip to "Into Despair". It was a new experience for both sides and Christian made an excellent job and spend a hell of time into his work.

It was in the beginning of 2005 were Sandra told them that she got heavily diseased and that they only can wait and take a look if she can ever sing again. Fortunately she get well again but they had to split at the end of 2006 because of the big distance of their hometowns. It was impossible to rehears and do anything new. Another problem in the last month was to find a permanent drummer. Fortunately former drummer Lars decided to abandon his ineffective band journeys and returned to Soulslide.

They found the new singer Cynthia in the end of 2007 and recorded a new song after two month with engineer Andi Petri at Play-it-Loud Studio. At the moment they work out the old songs with Cynthia to prepare for first liveshows in the beginning of 2008.

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