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SerdceSERDCE means "HEART" in English. The engine that runs life. As well as feelings, emotions and blood. That's what we do, just interpreting feelings in words of MUSIC.

Over a decade ago we first turned on the ignition and our “HEART” (back then called COR) first ever started beating… It took us a while to get used to this Space and Time, learn to Breathe, learn to Watch, learn to Feel… Like a child new to this World we were getting through thorns of the living making probes and mistakes, falling deep and flying high, loosing Faith and regaining it, always trying to stay open and clear to learning who we’re under the Stars…

And once we’ve learned something about thatSerdce, we started to learn Speaking through MUSIC. Shaping sounds from emotions and thoughts, we got techniques and strength to pump “blood” faster and hotter, made it boil in our veins and scream out in songs of “Aritmiya” (2003).

Getting over that top we saw new horizons to reach and we practiced and learned to get strong enough to climb higher. And we got to learn to Speak in the other way, in the words of another language. Tuned to higher standards we did our bestSerdce, pushed the “blood” even harder and burst out with brand new Speech “Cyberly” (2005).

But it seems our Words got to be too hard to understand for so many … Being stacked at a loss of misunderstanding we slowed down the “blood” to take a Breath and a Thought of where we’ve come to… and it took us a while… and it took a lot of us…

And we figured it’s a Choice we once would have to make – whether Scream for a crowd or to Speak to much less… but devoted and tuned to the Words we came with…

And we opened our eyes to the Light we again got to see… and the Path turned to be so incredibly clear!

And we followed the Call of the Blood, didn’t run but just walked, towards the Stars in the Tree of Eternity, and we learned “The Alchemy Of Harmony” (2009)…

At the point where we got, with the Knowledge we learned, with the Skills we collected, we are stronger than ever! Wisely using our strength we’re pumping the “blood” to the waters of “Timelessness”…

Source : http://www.myspace.com/serdceband

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