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Biografia : Scruffy Tearaways

The Band started out in August 1988 formed by members of various metal & punk bands in the Detroit area. The name Scruffy Tearaways was derived from an old episode of the British comedy show "The Young Ones".

Heres a little history on the band :
The band existed from 1988 until about 1994 when the Scruffys finally died out. The original line up consisted of Tom "Tommy Tearaway" Schulte on vocals, Sean "Smitty" Smith on guitar, Mike Hasty on guitar, Matt "Mr. Soggy" Carlington on bass and Jason "Jay" Clifton on drums. Early on Justin Jackson took over on drums and played on the first demo entitled "Demolition by Neglect" recorded by Dave Feeney at the Tempermill (his basement in Livonia, Mi.) - That long ago! It was released in 1988.

After playing several gigs in and around Detroit area clubs such as Blondies, Old Miami and St. Andrews, Jackson decided to move on and leave the band to be replaced by original drummer Clifton. After about a year or so of extensive gigging with local acts like the Fiesty Cadavers, ALD, Forced Anger and Corrupt the Scruffys headed back into the studio (Tempermill, an actual studio in Ferndale this time) to record their second demo entitled the "Big "D" Binge".

More gigs followed expanding the following to cities like Toronto, Chicago, Toledo, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Jackson to name a few. At this point original bassist Mr. Soggy made an exit and Stevie Bauer was quickly recruited to pick up the slack. More shows followed with the new line up, playing with national groups such as GG Allin, Slap Shop, Bunchoffuckingoofs and Gang Green.

Sometime around 1992, founding members Smitty and Tommy Tearaway decided to pursue other interests and call it quits with the Scruffys. Shortly after Clifton left as well.

At this point in time everyone though that the Scruffy Tearaways were all but dead. Mike Hasty was the only member left from the original line up, and decided to resurrect the band and carry the Scruffy torch. Along with Stevie, he put together a new line up which included long time friend and local drummer Jeff Shankin, Dave Curry on guitar and Jeff Sanguis on vocals.

1992 was dubbed "The Year of the Scruffy Tearaways", and this incarnation of the band played all around Detroit. A handful of songs were recorded (again at Tempermill) for an unreleased album which was tentatively titled "Universal Stomp".

In 1993, Sanguis left the group for a short time, prompting Clifton to return - this time on vocals. Finally, with Sanguis back on vocals the band trudged on, breaking up sometime in 1994.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/scruffytearaways