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The history of "REVEREND", "HEREITC" and "METAL CHURCH" are truly intertwined in a “Holy Trinity” (pun fully intended and unavoidable) of Thrash Metal. In an odd twist of fate after the dissolution of "HERETIC" which saw singer Mike Howe leave to join "METAL CHURCH", the band evolved into "REVEREND" and recruited ex-METAL CHURCH vocalist David Wayne. Guitarists Stuart Fujinami and Brian Korban along with bassist Dennis O’Hara were all members of "HERETIC". Joining them would be drummer Stuart Vogel. By the 1990 album Vogel had made way for drummer Rick Basha. After the success of "REVEREND" the debut EP on Caroline Records and capitalizing on Wayne’s history with "METAL CHURCH" the band signed with Charisma, a small but stable record label. The Charisma full- length debut, "WORLD WON'T MISS YOU", was a rampaging affair, cranking the brutality up just a notch above and beyond either of the previous acts. The album was dedicated to the late Dave Pritchard of "ARMOURED SAINT" and featured Rocky George of "SUICIDAL TENDENCIES" as a guest as well as Chris Goss of "MASTERS OF REALITY". Late 1990, early 1991 saw some major changes in the line-up with Fujinama, O’Hara and Basha all departing with Angelo Espino, of "HIRAX", joining to play bass and Jason Ian, brother of guitarist Scott Ian of "ANTHRAX", appearing on drums. The album,"Play God", was another punishing opus, and the band had utilized a second guitarist in the studio by the name of Tommy “V” Verdonck. The release also featured a ripping cover of the tune "Fortunate Son" and also had Juan Garcia of "EVIL DEAD" providing some backing vocals. Unfortunately, with the onset of grunge and alternative music, Thrash started to loose momentum and the band capped the first stage of their career with a six-song Live EP simply called "Live". 1992 saw the addition of Ernesto F. Martinez on guitar for the live recording. The short punchy live EP was considered to be a nice cap on the career of "REVEREND" as the band entered a period of inactivity. With Wayne’s departure from "METAL CHURCH" post their comeback "Masterpeace" opus the singer reactivated "REVEREND". A limited edition four track EP, "A Gathering of Demons" was made available solely through the band’s website. Wayne would then founded a further act simply titled "WAYNE". Cutting an album billed as "METAL CHURCH", complete with the characteristic guitar-cross icon and the logo rendered in it's own familiar font left no doubting to which audience the frontman was pitching. During 2000 Wayne and guitarist Joe Floyd of "WARRIOR" would produce the "BYFIST" EP "Adrenalin". After several years of inactivity and spurred perhaps by the global resurgence in Metal "REVEREND" re-emerged in 2001 with an independent 4 song EP called "A Gathering Of Demons". The EP was notable for the song "Legion" which was a re-working, both musically and lyrically, of the song "Fake Healer". During 2000 Wayne and guitarist Joe Floyd would produce the "Adrenalin" EP. This connection was strengthened when guitarists Davey Lee and Notch Vara duly joined Wayne's "REVEREND" supplanting guitarist Chris Nelson. Bassist John Stahlman's position would be taken by Pete Perez, a veteran of "SPASTIC INK", and hard rockers "RIOT". "ONWARD" would be announced as support act for "REVEREND'S" August 2002 West Coast tour of America. The band would confirm they were to put in a special appearance as support to "JUDAS PRIEST" at the Sunken Garden Theater in San Antonio, Texas. As "REVEREND" activity slowed, David Wayne put the band on hold as he joined in July, the British Metal band "BASTARDSUN" assembled by former "CRADLE OF FILTH" guitarist Stuart Anstis. The "METAL CHURCH" family was dealt a huge blow on 10th of May 2005 with the passing of David Wayne. Just 47 years old, the singer died from complications from injuries he sustained in a head-on automobile accident months previously. In June the surviving band members, Davey Lee, Nacho Vara, Brendon Kyle and Jesse Vara, announced a reformation of "REVEREND". Somewhat surreally, the band revealed in September that they were in negotiations with David Wayne's brother to step in as their new lead singer. Currently the band is on hold while we mourn the loss of our brother, friend and guitarist "Davey Lee". In 2009 "REVEREND" utilised "BLUE CAT RECORDING STUDIOS" and began working up album tracks with Grammy Award winner producer Joe Trevino. REVEREND WOULD LIKE TO LET ALL OUR FANS AND FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT (MIKE FALETTA X BASS PLAYER )IS A REAL LOSER AND A MAJOR THIEF HE RIPPED US OFF BIG TIME}..{KARMA IS A MOTHER F****ER}... Now guitarist Nacho Vara (BYFIST/REVEREND) and bassist and Marco Villarreal (SABRE SABOTAGE/BYFIST/REVEREND) will be working to regroup and be READY to DELIVER the MOST POWERFUL METAL in its FINEST FORM. The REVEREND MACHINE will always be at full throttle ready to take it's rightful place in the world of METAL! POSERS BEWARE!

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