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Official Biography

Brazilian Black Metal horde formed in August of 1998 e.v..

1999 e.v.. The horde releases two dt's “Live in Holocaust” and “Nightfall Winds” both with a hateful feelings against the ecclesiastics scoria.

2001 e.v.. Release the third opus called “The Cult to the Night of the Times”. In this same year the horde join it to the “Evil Warriors of Southern Lands” compilation. The year too is marked by the retired of Atheist (drums).

2002 e.v.. The opus “Infernu” is release in the ultimate celebration with a first line-up, recorded in the 2000 e.v..

2003 e.v.. Hellish (drums) enter to the horde.

2004 e.v.. “Satanstorms” opus is release by DFL Prod..

2005 e.v.. The horde release the Debut CD “Unforetelling Philosophism” by DFL prod. with nine extremes and aggressives hymns, make of this opus a real and unique Black Metal attack!!! After this release Morte (bass/vocals) and Hellish (drums) is removed of horde. Blasphemer (guitar) enter in the horde and members sessions on drums.

2006 e.v.. The label DFL Prod. re-release with the name "Raw and Profane 1999-2001" the dt´s "Nightfall Winds" and "The Cult to the Night of the Times" in CD.

2007 e.v.. In silence the horde follow his journey preparing a new opus...