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Biography : Quest For Blood

1994 : Yomituti, Yasuhiko & Kunio started playing black metal as Mortes Saltantes.
Yomituti wrote all songs and played the drums.

1999 : Mortes Saltantes renamed themselves Magane and released the 1st album "Mortes Saltantes".

2003 : Magane released the 2nd album "Beginning at the End" and stopped playing.
Yomituti (drums), Nugoto (guitar/vocal) & Itukime (keyboard) played as Quest For Blood at Taipei with Freddy (vocal/erhu), Jesse (guitar) & Doris (bass) from Chthonic (http://chthonic.org/).

2004 : Yomituti (drums), Yasufiko (vocal), Nugoto (guitar/vocal), Tukuoni (bass/vocal) & Itukime (keyboard) played as a temporary project Yomituti.

2005 : Yomituti (drums/vocal), Nugoto (guitar/vocal), Itukime (keyboard) & Yuda (bass/vocal) played as Yukihiro Isso + Quest For Blood with Yukihiro Isso (nohkan/shinobue/recorder/tsunobue)(http://www.rinsen.co.jp/html/isso/isso_map.html).

2007 : Yukihiro Isso (Nohkan/Shinobue/Dengakubue/Recorder/Gemshorn), Yomituti (drums/vocal), Kuniwo (guitar/vocal), Itukime (keyboard) & Yuda (bass/vocal) recorded the 1st album "Quest For Blood".

Source : http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/ro/yomituti/QuestForBlood/main.html