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In the fall of 2005, Erlend and Lars formed a nameless project for expressing their fondness for the more avantgarde side of symphonic metal. Originally it was thought to be a quick affair consisting of a demo with two or three songs.
Erlend would write all the music and lyrics whilst Lars would do all the vocals. Turns out that once the creative process was started, there was no stopping it. So after the first four songs was written, the decision was made to make a complete album and four additional songs were written. At about the same time, the project was given a name: Quadrivium

In early 2006, Decepticon was recruited to play the bass on the album. The EP Origo was finally mixed and mastered in Sjaaen Studios on March 12. The debut album Adversus was released in 2008.

For the follow-up album Erlend wanted to focus on the keyboard elements and Thor-Axel was added to the line-up as their permanent guitarist. The album is scheduled for release in 2009.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/quadriviumnorway