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In the year 2000, Ralph Kindlein and Bodo Konschak met, with only one goal – Rock'n'Roll! Since Ralph actually came from the Punk scene, both agreed on the name Puky Spoon, because this would sound genuinely punky. After a long search for a vocalist, Snoopy was enlisted. However, after a short time, there were problems, as he did not have the same ambition as Ralph and Bodo. In March 2001, a drummer joined the band, Boldie von Herbolder. He became close with Ralph and Bodo, and had the same ambitions for Puky Spoon. We jammed until we were almost deaf, and completed our first song during the first rehearsal. Unfortunately, there were more problems with Snoopy, and he had to leave the band, but no replacement singer was found.

A terrible accident happened to Boldie, on 28.06.2001. No one knew whether Boldie would ever be able to play again, but Ralph and Bodo kept the faith, paid the rehearsal room rent, and waited and waited. One must say, we had really looked out for each other. Good musicians, but had constantly had problems, and now everything hung on an accident. In February 2002, Boldie played drums again, after a remarkable recovery.

Two weeks later, a new vocalist, Marco Schneider, arrived. We rehearsed all of the songs we'd had, from February to May, created two more, then in May, we went to the studio and recorded our first Album, "Taste It!!". We considered it to be a very good album, the fun factor stood out, and it had very good cover artwork, but it sounds a little thin from time to time. Thus, we looked out for a second guitarist, to make a harder sound. Unfortunately, problems arose with our singer, who had to leave the band in October, because the strain became too large. Again, there was what seemed like an endless search for a vocalist.

Gruby, an old acquaintance of Boldie's, and a full-blooded front man, took over the helm, but he didn't want the responsibilities that came with being in a band, and didn't want to stay permanently. Along came the second guitarist, Jerome, 18 years old and a natural talent, but unfortunately, the load for him was simply too large. His first band, and such a serious project. He felt that the load continued to increase. High school, with lots of homework, piano lessons and other obligations, did not leave him any choice, so he left the band after two gigs. Understandable, but his time will come. Gruby also left. We continued to rehearse, and hoped that our luck would change. We had the material ready for our second album, but again, no singer. Gruby had once given a promise to Boldie, "If you can't find a singer, I will work on the album and gig with you, until you find someone else", so Boldie asked his old crony if he was still willing to help out. He consented immediately, a greed to perform for our gigs and put down the vocals for the new album if we went to the studio, but was only temporary, until we found a permanent singer.

In July 2003, Olaf Eberhardt joined. After three weeks preparation time, he, better prepared than all vocalists that we'd had before, came into the rehearsal room. The work was professional and fun. We finally went to the studio, and recorded our second album, "Why?!". In May ´04, a new second guitarist, Carlos, joined the band. A super guitarist, but unfortunately no team worker, and stayed with us for only six months. Olaf had personal problems, so all we had was the album, the release party and one year of hard work, before he had to leave. Carlos left shortly afterwards. A further nine months without front man, but we held on, because we knew what we had built up in the past three years.

A singer, Olaf Möger, contacted Ralph in May ´05, then became our latest vocalist, but after 4 concerts, 2 new songs and our video, came nothing. Very often, rehearsals had to be cancelled, a gig also, because Olaf had to do something more important, or was sick. On 5.11.05, Bodo Konschak played his last gig with Puky Spoon. He left the band for personal reasons, and was replaced by Johannes Oehl. Johannes is a great bassist, and managed to play very well during his first gig. Amazing, as he'd had very little time to rehearse with the band, because Olaf kept cancelling our rehearsals. As the problems were continuing with Olaf, the band agreed that he had to leave, which he did, at the end of January ´06, after 8 months. He had the choice to stay, become more of a team player, and record a cool album with us, or to leave the band immediately. He decided to leave.

On 3 June 06, Dragan "The Dragon“ Kremenovic, joined Puky Spoon. He'd had classical singing training for several years. After all the bad luck we'd had, we finally have a great singer who has the same ambition as the rest of the band, and works professionally. Dragon was cordially welcomed to Puky Spoon!

We worked hard, writing new material, then went to the studio to record our third album, "Hope in Hell“, which was released on 28.09.06.

In March 2007, Christian Weber joined the band, as our second lead and rhythm guitarist. He is 19 years old, and hails from Mannheim. Christian has played the guitar for seven years. His hobbies are partying, women (!), guitars and going to concerts and festivals. His favourite bands are Sodom, Kreator, Tankard and Opeth.

Our fourth album, "Damned - Ein Leben, Ein Schicksal", was released in September '07.

Unfortunately, after the CD release party, Ralph left the band. Then in December '07, Christian also left. The end of the Pukies? Almost, but we decided to carry on, and find a new pair of guitarists.

In February '08, came the arrival of Felipe Fuentes. He is 25 years old, and lives in Mannheim. He has owned a guitar for about 15-17 years, but it was 13-14 years ago, that he had his first guitar lesson and began with real guitar playing. Felipe enjoys listening to many different genres of music. You can read a little more about him here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real-FF5/7489112962

March '08, brought us our second guitarist, Christian Heckmann. Christian is 21 years old, and lives in Niedernhausen. He is studying literature, classic archaeology and history. He has been playing guitar since 1997, and previously played for Tapeworm. His favourite bands are My Dying Bride, Marduk, Kalmah, Sentenced, Dark Tranquility, Suidakra, Anaal Nathrakh and Blind Guardian.

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