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In the beginning...

It was in October 2001 that Gogo decided to form a death metal band influenced by Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Slayer for the thrash touch.

Playing the drums, he then joins two guitar players and asks his friend Aurélien, who works in a recording studio in a Paris suburb, to come and play the bass with them.

Their style was soon found with Gogo as the composer when the band recruited Dessil in December 2001 to replace the rhythm guitarist and to bring some fresh ideas and new compositions at the same time.

After trying several singers and overcoming several hurdles, Guillaume, a guitarist in thrash-death band Outcast, in which Gogo also plays the guitar, is eventually recruited in March 2003 to sing and replace the lead guitarist.

The latter then has a hand in composing new songs with Dessil and Gogo who remains the main composer.

The group is complete at last and in May 2003 Psychobolia was born.

Things get serious...

Late in 2004, Guillaume and Dessil left, and John joined the band, fueled by the desire to finally be the single guitarist in an extreme metal band.

John and Gogo knew each other from having briefly played in a local death metal band, which they both left because things were simply not progressing fast enough.

Together, Gogo, John and Aurélien have the same exact tastes in music, and since they live in the same neighborhood, the 3 of them increase their practice frequency to 3 times a week, which reflects itself in the quantity and quality of the music that they make.

Early 2005, Psychoblia hooks up with Caroline, a brutal singer who helps make this lineup the most solid one ever.

They play their first show at midnight at the "Fête de la Musique" in Paris.

Songwriting progressed at lightning speed, and a 3-song EP was unleashed in September 2005.

The band begins playing regularly in various Paris clubs. The response to these shows is positive and the band begins to build a genuine fanbase.

2006: The debut album "Fisting You All" was recorded during the months of May and June, mixed in August (mastered the following year). The recording was engineered by François Ugarte who would also end up playing bass on the album after Aurélien's last minute hand injury before entering the studio. François remained in the band for the shows that followed.

2007: In December, Psychobolia signs a worldwide distribution deal with Xtreem Music. The band plays some shows (playing alongside bands such as Suffocation, Psoriasis, Impureza, etc...) and keeps writing music for further releases.

2008: "Fisting You All" is finally released in February! This year will also see the band embarking on its very first tour. In addition, Jacky joins the band on bass, as François's many other commitments (studio engineering, 2 other bands) and geographical distance make it difficult for him to invest much time in Psychobolia.

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