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1994 - Horror Illogium (Guitar, Drums) & The Curator (Vocals) join forces in Brisbane Australia.

1998 - Demonstration Recording on Cassette Format is plunged into the underground.

2002 - Mephitic (Drums) & Werm (Bass) are plucked from humanity.
The End Mills EP is recorded and released by Black Talon Media.
Debut live ritual in the home town of Brisbane is executed in August.
Seepia is recorded by the years end.

2003 - Seepia is released on vinyl LP via Decius Productions and CD via Black Talon Media.
Live rituals were taken to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.
Aphotic Mote joins as other guitarist.

2004 - The Sweyy EP is recorded and firstly released as a limited run of 150 copies also featuring live songs and later released as a split album with Canada's Rites of thy Degringolade via Denmark's Ancient Darkness Productions on Vinyl LP and CD.
More rituals in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were performed.

2005 - Seepia is re-released in North America as a digipak via Canada's Profound Lore Records.
Shows in Canberra and Brisbane are performed.

2006 - Lurker at the Threshold is recorded and released as a cassette EP, the recording features Monocular (drums) and Elsewhere (bass) two wizards from Adelaide who also perform in Stargazer and Cauldron Black Ram.
Outre' recording is commenced with the same beings.

2007 - Outre' is completed and is released on September 11th as a Digi Pac CD via Profound Lore Records and as a Vinyl LP via Obsidian Records.
Ignis Fatuus joins as drummer, and Phathom Conspicuous on bass guitar is aquired for the next live shows.

2008 - Rituals were executed firstly in Melbourne and then Brisbane later in the year.

2009 - Adelaide is met with a special ritual.
Swarth is recorded and completed for an October release.
Omenous Fugue enters as the figure to perform bass guitar horror.
Live ritual for Swarth release is performed in Brisbane.

2010 - A live offering is performed in Sydney for the first time in 6 years.
USA Crawling Chaos Tour, consisting of ten shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Cleveland, Buffalo, Boston, Brooklyn, Philidelphia and Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore.

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