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Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Pathogen are a five piece band who are dedicated to giving new life to the musical genre of metal. Intricate & epic melodies combined with powerful groove sections & laden with rich acoustic passages, Pathogen have developed a unique style previously explored by few, which has helped earn them much respect among lovers of sophisticated death metal. Pathogen are a band who have become well renowned for providing an awesome live experience for their audiences. For the past seven years, Pathogen have been gigging constantly, playing some 100+ shows, supporting many international acts such as Fear Factory (USA , Opeth (Sweden), Mayhem (Norway), Impaled Nazarene (Finland), As I Lay Dying (USA), Shadows Fall (USA), Entombed (Sweden), Children Of Bodom (Finland), Dismember (Sweden), The Black Dahlia Murder (USA), Dark Tranquillity (Sweden), Arch Enemy (Sweden) as well as national acts such as The Berzerker (Vic), Alchemist (ACT), Abramelin (Vic), Bloodduster (Vic), Daysend (NSW), Destroyer 666 (Vic), Devolved (Qld), Psycroptic (Tas), Day Of Contempt (SA), Mindsnare (Vic), I Killed The Prom Queen (SA). Pathogen have been nominated for Best Local Band award every year in the Western Front (www.wf.com.au) Local Metal Awards since it`s inception in 2002. Pathogen were invited to play in Adelaide in March 2004 as part of the Southern Apocolypse festival along side acts such as Psycroptic (Tas) & Alarum (Vic). In November 2004 they were invited to play in Melbourne as part of the Alcoholcaust II metal festival with acts such as Darklord (SA), Gospel Of the Horns (Vic) & Astriaal (Qld) & recently played at the inaugural Metal For The Brain Perth, to a capacity audience of 600 people. All shows were very well received earning Pathogen many new fans. Pathogen released their first recording, entitled 'Tyranny Of Hatred' in mid 1996. A second recording, entitled 'Nightfall', was released in 1998. This recording received many favourable reviews in many national & international magazines such as SOD, Nordic Vision & Terrorizer, which helped them establish a strong underground following. In 2000, Pathogen recorded their eight minute epic, 'Shallow'. This single was well received by the public & enjoyed regular airplay on many local & national radio stations, including Triple J & 2RRR Sydney. The single also featured on the 'Metal From The Bottom Of The Earth' Perth metal compilation a 2RRR`s 'Underearthed' Australian metal compilation. In 2004 recording of the debut full length began to take shape & 'Fallen Kind' from that album made it`s way to 2RRR's, 'Underearthed 3' Australian metal compilation. The full length, entitled 'Bloodline' will contain 13 songs, showcasing Pathogens finest material & musical progress over the last seven years.

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