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Biography : Ozlomoth

- December 2002 : Max, drums, meet Sarahka, guitar.They start working the first songs.

- March 2003 : Helesth, lead singer, joins the band. Ame Chaotique, Des Tenebres and Pleurer pour Mourir are created.

- June 2003 : Ipsos, keyboards, joins the band. The three first songs are done.

- September 2003 : Gazier, guitar, joins the band. Working on Au commencement, l'Apocalypse.

- November 2003 : Jeremy, bass, joins the band. Working on Ad Mortem.

- December 2003 : The band records the five first songs. The Ozlomoth logo is created. Working on La Mémoire du Passé (the song will be fosakened by the band).

- March 2004 : First concert in Aucamville. Working on Les Portes de la Mort and King of Carnival Creation (Dimmu Borgir).

- 15 May 2004 : Deny your God Festival with Otargos and Les Héritiers de la Haine.

- 21 June 2004 : Concert in Venerque.

- September 2004 : Gazier left the band. Working on Tortures et Discordes.

- October 2004 : The first demo is released.

- December 2004 : Damien joins the band. Working on an new title.

- February 2005 : Max, Damien and Jeremy left the band. Elfstone joins the band as new drummer.