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Biography : Odious (EGY)

ODIOUS was founded in 1998 in Alexandria - EGYPT, after Bassem Fakhri (Vocals and Synths) and Rami Magdi (Drums), put their way to create a new metal feeling with oriental instruments. Shortly, Ramzi Mayas (Bass) and Mohamed Hassan (All Guitars) were added to this line-up. But the bassist left the band for some personal reasons. Then Alfi Hayati has joined this line up. Recently in 2005, Mohamed Lameen has finalized this line-up as a rhythm guitarist.

In 2000 the band recorded an - unreleased - demo and it was oriental doom metal with black metal influences. After that, the band decided to unleash their energy by changing their style into pure oriental black metal. Their second release, a mini-cd entitled 'Summoned By Night' was self- released in 2003 and it was widely distributed in Egypt. The demo received great reviews and more than respectful feedback which helped in making a huge fan base in Egypt.

Every member has got his ideas which are gathered to create the feeling that can bound the 5 members into one soul! A very special thanks to our ex-bassist Ramzi Mayas for his effort and support...!

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