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Started in '02 as "Kuuraparta" and one primitive demo-CDR came out at this early pre-like stage. The name changed to Nostatus in early '04 along with the self-titled MCD (as CDR) under the new name. The first "real" album titled as Sanan synty came out in spring '06, and it contains 10 songs for around 30 mins and is limited to 250 copies only.

The forthcoming album planned for '11/'12 is titled as Ihmiskaarna and shall take a completely different kind of approach and direction what it comes to mixing the kantele with metal music. Whereas the previous material was quite clearly bound to Finnish and also Baltic-Finnic music traditions, the new material under work shall have nothing to do with any kind of folk stuff anymore, but a lot more atmospheric and improvisation-based soundscapes, heavy down-tempo and even dream-like musical experimentations meeting with abstract and even surrealistic lyrical dimensions are about to exist along the renewed form of Nostatus already in the near-future.

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