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NOISEHUNTER was created out of the minds of three young musicians back in February 1976, when they were still attending school. Hanny Vasiliadis (guitarra,vox), Ronny Lewandoswki(Drums) and Erwin Perle (Guitars) invited a bassist named Rainer Hormel to join the band whose name was NOISE.

The guys covered a lot bands like STATUS QUO and even punk acts like THE RAMONES, but also composed some original songs, still very influenced by the bands they liked so much. After a lot of gigs in the youths clubs, in 1978 the band was choosen as one of the openers for a mainstream juvenile British band at Graga-Halle in Essen. The audience was composed of 8,000 screaming and enthusiastic teenagers and NOISE was the only band that was asked for an encore (beign "Johnny B Goodie").

It was until 1986 when the band got the opportunity they had been after for 10 years: a professional recording contract which was offered by the German underground label GAMA, one of the most immportant companies in the 80's. Beign a band with ten years experience, GAMA noticed the popularity of the guys and their potential (sales wise, of course...) so, the label sent them to the Dirks Studios (The Scorpions, Accept) to record their first lp "Time To Fight" now with the new band's name NOISEHUNTER. This record showed a band with much power and energy, yet melodic and catching. But Rainer left the band after the releasing of the dubut album, since he didn't want to become a professional musician. It took very few time to find Matthias Nicklas, who was a drumer and already had a band, but as he also played guitar and bass, was asked to join in the ranks of NOISEHUNTER, something he did in 1986.

As usual, the band kept playing live, but at the same time, composing new stuff for an upcomming lp. Even when the debut album was selling very well, GAMA -as usual- didn't do much for promotion and thus, the band had to do it all for themselves. Anyway, in 1986 NOISEHUNTER was ready to enter the Zuckerfabrick-Studios in Stuttgar with producer and engineer Tom Krueger to record what would turn into the second band's album "Spell of Noise". The album demonstrated that the band had improved so much, and that "Spell of Noise" was superior to "Time To Fight" by far. The band sounded tight and firm, powerful and inspired. This is the album where the mature NOISEHUNTER sound can be found. Fast tracks besides more melodic ones and ballads, showed to be a very good combination for the band and that was reflected in the sales, not to mention that many got catched by the incredible good cover done by Martin Appoldt where a bat fights with a bomber.

The popularity of the band increased and played live in a more extensive way than never before. Also they got attention of the press (not with the help of GAMA, by the way...) like Metal Hammer and so, they toured Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, former Tzechoslovakia, Hungary, and East Germany, beign NOISEHUNTER the first Metal band allowed to play in the ex-comunist Germany.

After touring and, obviosly, getting better and more concious of their muscial potential, so the band decide to leave GAMA to serach for a better and more supportive deal. The opportunity arrived when XYZ music, supportted by Breeze music of Dieter Dirks (manager of Scorpions) offered them a deal.

Thinking on major audiences, the band had to decide if they would continue playing in the vein of "Spell of Noise" or if they would change for a more commercial approach. They chose the later and then entered to record their third album "Too Young to Die" in 1989. The response to the album was not so enthusiastic since it was more melodic, but yet still had powerful songs which were no much well welcomed by the bigger media critics. In few words, the album had no clear line, no totally heavy, no totally melodic. Even the album was edited on the then new CD format.

NOISEHUNTER kept promoting themselves in press, TV and radio, but still the response was somehow cold. The last nail on the coffin was the desition of their label of breaking the contract and stop any other activity with the group.

After all this, the band began to duscuss about their future, and decided to follow a more melodic line. On that stage, Mats and Erwin lose the interest and left the band in 1992, while Ronny and Hanny kept together to continue with the band.

They searched for a guitar player, a basist and a vocalist, since, they thought that a commercial style would be benefit for the band, and Hanny's voice wasn't that much melodic to hit the softer tastes of the bigger audiences, less to impress the labels managers.

Other of the desitions was to change the name of the band, since very few was left of NOISEHUNTER, and changed it to UNION ROX. The line up was completed, among others, with a very good vocalist (whose style was similar to GRIM REAPER's Steve) and the band began to rehearsal and thus, within three of years they composed much songs, all of them were left unpublised when the band broke up. The vocalist was good but was not dedicated to the band, and had problems to keep his voice in shape. Also Ronny saw no motion for UNION ROX, no disco, no contract, so he decided to quit and thus ended the life of the band, after 20 years Noise hunting and head-banging Metal.

For this 2005, the back catalogue of the band was re released on cd format for the first time, also the album "Rock Shower" was put out, which is basically an album of UNION ROX, but perhaps that would be considered as the album that NOISEHUNTER never recorded with their original line up.

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