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NO SISSY STUFF are one of the most unique events of the German metal scene. Three sisters Birgit (git, voc), Katja (lead git) and Daniela Kesselem (bass) and their drummer Gudrun Schlich from Koblenz make pure heavy metal. Great arrangements played with enormous power, proper execution in all instruments - Their music is based on a fat drum sound and hard but still melodic guitars while the powerful dark voice of bandleader Birgit combines thrash metal shouting with melodious singing.

A little bit of bandhistory

Birgit's dream of a female heavy metal band that writes own songs seemed to be not realizable for a long time. After a lot of band projects among other things together with bassplayer Daniela the powerful drummer Gudrun got in contact with the band in the summer of 96. This girl knew how to impress the others immediately at the first common rehearsal. The result of that day was the first self composed song „Fight“. After that, Katja decided to join the band. The only thing that was still missing was a fitting bandname. It had to be a name that describes the band image in one item – hard music without detours, that doesn't deal with themes like broken finger nails, sex or emancipation. A name that should simply say that four girls want to convince by their music only and that they play the music that they love: heavy metal! So wasn't NO SISSY STUFF the right expression for that?

The first release

„Last Poem“ is the debut album of NO SISSY STUFF released in may 2001. All songs are written by NO SISSY STUFF. Their music combines the ideas of each individual. The lyrics are all written by Katja who is the poet of the band. The album was titled by the song of same denominator. Background for this decision was the contence of the song. „Last Poem“ deals with the theme that it's hard to find stylistic means, melodies and textpassages nowadays, that do not already exist in a similarly form. Nevertheless something new is formed by the coaction of the different characters and the personality of each individual.

If you got curios now you can listen to the sound samples „Empty“, „Dark side“ and „None of us“ at www.nosissystuff.de and perhaps you got motivated to order „Last Poem“. If you are in Germany just experience NO SISSY STUFF live. Tourdates you also find at the herein before mentioned URL.

Source : www.nosissystuff.de