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In 1974 Klaus Schubert and Michael Ausserhofer founded the band TARGET. With the entry of Nik P. Opperer, Freddy Gigele and Franz Heumader this metamorphosed to NO BROS by the end of the seventies. During a gig at the beginning of the eighties they met Gotthard Rieger, then a Radio presenter, who became their friend and manager with the aim to establish Hard Rock music made in Austria.

The breakthrough came in 1982 with the publishing of the live-recorded album “Heavy Metal Party”. Motivated by this success the recording of their first studio album “Ready for the action” was done within the same year. Due to good placements in the charts it brought NO BROS also financial gain. The single “Be my friend” is still seen as a milestone in the Austrian rock music scene.

After prolonged tours with internationally famous bands like MOTÖRHEAD and URIAH HEEP, disputes within the group led to the substitution of Franz Heumader by Harry Gschösser. In 1983 this line-up recorded the album “Our own way” which could not reach the chart positions of former works. After further quarrels, Freddy Gigele and Michael Ausserhofer left. Gotthard Rieger laid down his position as manager and Harry Gschösser went to the United States and joined the band RACER X. Klaus Schubert and Nik P. Opperer went on to work with various studio musicians and in 1986 they recorded their fourth album “Cavalry of Evil” with the Scottish singer Joe Francis Hamilton. After a final concert with Lem Enzinger – then U8 – on the vocals, NO BROS was officially laid to rest.

In the years between 1986 and 2004 the former band members performed with several other groups: Franz Heumader with POOR BOYS and Klaus Schubert, Nik P. Opperer and Lem Enzinger with SCHUBERT. For fans of NO BROS there were only several Best-of-CDs as a consolation.
In 2005 the founding members of NO BROS decided to play a reunion-gig – with the exception of Freddy Gigele who was substituted by Lem Enzinger. Further gigs at several Open-Air-concerts and festivals followed – for instance a gig at the Donauinselfest in Vienna and a performance as supporting act for DEEP PURPLE. The enthusiastic reaction of the fans led NO BROS to the recording of a new album. “Hungry for the good times” was released in July 2006. In the autumn of 2006 “The Party so far I (Limited Best of Fan Edition)” followed, containing remixes, rare original recordings and songs from the musicians’ diverse side projects. In 2007 a tour through Austria gave a wider range of fans a chance to see the band live for the first time in two decades.

In spring 2008 Nik P. Opperer left the band for professional reasons. Andi Brunner, already renowned among Austrian musicians as a genius on the keyboard, was announced as his successor. Several gigs followed – among them one at the ill-fated 2008 AustroRockFestival in Klagenfurt.

In 2009 word got out that the band had started work on a new album but late in the same year they suddenly decided to take a break because Klaus Schubert and Franz Heumader wanted to concentrate on their side projects. In early 2010 Lem Enzinger left the band in frustration. Another Best-of-CD, “The Party so far II (Rare Cuts Fan Edition)”, was released in April 2010 containing among live and rare recordings the demo-version of a new song called “Cross the line”.

In July 2010 the bassist Michael Ausserhofer said that recordings for the new album would recommence in the autumn but wouldn't name a singer. Only a month later the band released an official statement to the new longplayer: they will be in the studio during autumn and winter of 2010 with a number of as yet unnamed international singers and this is going to be their farewell album!

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