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Biography : Night Wind

Rock - band «Night WinD» was formed on November 25, 1998 year.
Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Studying in the 10-th class, the fan amateur of heavy metal, Korotkov Dmitriy organized his own group. The project was successful and commercial. After leaving school Dmitriy has left this group. After his leaving the rock-group project existed as long as one half-year and also broke up. Later he still tried to base a number of other rock-group projects, but they appeared unsuccessful. Then he entered in Tashkent Institute of Business and Foreign economic Relations. On time of study' music was overlooked. After termination of the first rate, he was automatically transferred to Tashkent State Institute of Law. In the year 1997 he graduated. The next year, after termination of institute, he has acted to work in Office of Public Prosecutor of one of areas of Tashkent. Being at work, he bought a newspaper with the announcements and during a lunch break, read one of the announcements; one guy, who wanted to collect the project. They phoned and met. The purpose of the project was simple - to base own rock - group. This was realized later.
These years, studying in the Tashkent Motor-car-road Institute, Alex, too, for a long time, wanted to collect his own group, with the adherent, school friend - Yuriy. Coming across the announcement of that guy in the newspaper, Alex decided to phone. After meeting, through him Dmitriy and Alex got acquainted with each other. By getting acquainted Dmitriy has offered to execute songs in English. Alex thought that was very necessary as desirable, because he himself tested huge sympathies to Western rock music and aspired to create the similar, English rock-group project.
The members of the group were quickly generated, but quickly have broken up, and by not making any musical material. From the former cast only Dmitriy and Alex remained. Possessed by the idea of the creation of an English rock-group project in Uzbekistan, they together began to search for new members.
In the musical shop Dmitriy casually meets Nazarov Victor, who appears to be a guitar-man and Dmitriy offers him to participate in the rock-group. 25 of November 1998 - is the date of formation of rock-group "NightWinD". In the beginning the rock-group except for the guitars did not have practically anything, and on time of rehearsals it was necessary to rent premises-room and equipment from other groups. On rehearsals, by noticing that Victor had an original timbre of voice, Dmitriy and Alex offered him to engage of voice /to sing/. After that Victor became the basic vocal of the rock-group. A bit later Alex introduced to the group his schoolfriend - Yuriy, in whom they found the bass-man of the rock-group.
The group named itself «Utopia», but by finding out that a group with such a name already exists in the USA, urgently it was necessary to replace it with «NightWinD». Hardly only beginning their work, the group already loses its basic premises-room of base. It was necessary to search for a new base, but all attempts unfortunately were unsuccessful. Not look on it, the rock- group is accepted for the first album, which was composed and is written down in home conditions, without the equipment, "on hearing" within the 3-rd month and was a "crude", not arranged, acoustic version.
Before these events, in 1997, by the invitation of RISSHO UNIVERSITY /one of the japanese students of this university/ Dmitriy went to Japan. On wires he gets acquainted with the General Director of Sony Music which suggested to Dmitriy to result an English rock - project from Uzbekistan. It also has become the basic purpose of Dmitriy - creation of the new English rock-group project. In Dmitriy again goes to Japan and meets a General Director of Sony Music. At that moment 2 songs: «The rhythm of my heart», «Devil's dance», were written down only in a recording-studio. After half-a-year by them the answer has acted and it was offered to send the full album, which was written down in home conditions.
In connection with financial difficulties, the album «The Midnight Dances» was not written down in the studio. Only two songs, «Mistress» and «The rhythm of my heart» were written down in a recording-studio as a demoversion.
«NightWinD» has begun to write a new album but stopped due to the loss of a premises-room and lack of money and recording-studio.
Now the group does not enter the name and does not conduct tour activity. «NightWinD» is a studio's band.

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