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Biography : Mischosen

Mischosen is a one man band created by Svarog (Xeper, Besthial - drums). Bend started in February 2004. as an ambiental project based on keyboards and growl vocals under name Frozen Sword. Tranquil, guitarless demo was to be finished by the end of 2004, but because of technical problems the data was sadly lost.

It was surely not the end of th band, shortly after new ideas and materials started taking shape. Guitars were added to the songs giving them much more power and creating different atmosphere. Lyrics became deeper, death and afterlife themes were filling the pages. Recording of new material started in July 2007. and was finished in October 2007. Nikola Lakic (Xeper - guitar) came as album guest on guitars. Demo was recorded in Svarog's home studio, and was named "Magic, miracles and rhymes".

Source : www.myspace.com/mischosenzd