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After many adventures, the members of Mindlag Project have pledged allegiance to telling a story that means a lot to them by playing open minded Metal music for a more and more faithful and expanding audience.
Certainly established in the Metal/Thrash music scene, Mindlag Project has emerged as a major band, gathering large and eclectic audiences.

The story Mindlag Project is narrating about the dark character of Jon De Grimpclat, a strange encounter that has left a mark in their minds.
Every paradox and human contradiction lay is this story, a force leading the band members to give their music an esthetic dimension: lyrics drawing on a literary heritage, mesmerizing, entrancing atmospheres, a captivating sight plunging audiences into the tale being recounted to them. This is the way they wrote the preamble to this story in a «dyad» represented by « Karybda » (the first part of a bilogy called Karybda & Skylla that deals with a concept mixing Greek mythology and serial killing) and « Skylla » (2004).

The band starts to build a name in its country, and play a lot of concerts with bands like Gojira, Dagoba, Eths, Hed(PE)...etc

Mindlag Project is utterly attached to mythology so this metaphor is clearly an allusion to the expression « Aller De Charybde en scylla » (To go from Charybde to Scylla), evoking the descent into hell of their character: Jon De Grimpclat. This preamble completed, it was time to begin the telling of the story. That was done with the release of « De Charybde en scylla… » (2006, which contains some previously unreleased tracks, some live and and a live video footage.), laid out as the introduction to this tale… Remains to be exposed what struck Mindlag Project so much that they had to devote the content of all their albums to this character…

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