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Hails from the land of the Headhunters, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo), Mentally Murdered was formerly known as IMMORTAL (1989 - 1992). During the IMMORTAL days, the line up were Churchill (Guitar/Vocals), Mason (Guitar), Rosli (Bass) and Nicholas (Drums) and they've released three demos namely "The Avenger Of Blood" (1990), "Immortal Bestiality" (1991 with Lie Illemauzer on Bass) and "Environmentally Unsafe" (1992 - line up Alex Jayson on Vocals, Churchill on Guitar, Romeo on Bass and Boi Billy on Drums). Due to similarity to a Norwegian black metal band, they changed the name to PERMANENT HEAD DAMAGE (end of 1992) with new line up (Churchill on Bass/Vocals, Bob Pyewhackett on Guitar and Nicholas on Drums). 1995 sees changes in line up again as Boy Aseng takes on Vocals, Churchill on Guitar, Myan on Bass and Matt on Drums. They released another demo entitled "New World Sickness". This line up lasts only a few years as in 2003 Nin Sky joined on Guitar, Alex Jayson on Vocals, Churchill on Guitar, Sony Dohe on Bass and Boi Billy on Drums. They also change the name to Mentally Murdered. However James replaced Nin Sky on Guitar, Bryan replaced Sony Dohe on Bass and Richie replaced Boi Billy on Drums in 2004. With this line up they released a Self-Titled demo. Late 2004 Alex Jayson decided to form his own band and Mentally Murdered was inactive for almost a year. After several times of becoming sessions for Mentally Murdered, Victor decided to join them permanently. So the current line up is Churchill (Guitar), Richie (Drums), Bryan (Guitar/Vocals) and Victor (Bass).

Since 1989, they've joined lots of gigs with other bands namely VORMIT, SENSELESS, UNGODLY DEATH, BLOCKHEAD (RIP), SPUTUM, SHAMANIC RITES, ANTACID, SIL KHANNAZ and lots of the other underground bands to name a few. They also played in a "Tribute to The Four Horsemen (Metallica)" gig back in August 2004 in KL alongside NROCINU, DARK REVO and ANTACID to name a few,and the latest to date, Metal@Kenyalang gig in Kuching on the 24 March 2007 featuring SACRAMENT, FARASU, HAYAGRIVA, VORMIT and SIL KHANNAZ.

This band is influenced by KREATOR, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, DEATH, SEPULTURA, OBITUARY, NAPALM DEATH and lots more to mention.

Currently Mentally Murdered is preparing to release a singles titled LOST INFIDEL and upcoming full length BURN FROM WITHIN which will be released soon after Lost Infidel singles.For more information about us, just email or add us (Myspace) at Mentally-Murdered@grindcore.net

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