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Biografia : Meltem

« Meltem » is a French Heavy Metal band situated in Pau, a little town in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department (64) in the South-West of France, near Bayonne and Lourdes for the most known.

The band was founded by two fellow mates, Christophe Catalogne and Jérôme Gibanel, friends since infancy. But soon after the first compositions, Jérôme is approached by a semi-professional band Arsenic, in order to play as Lead guitarist. Not discouraged, Christophe found in his cousin (Cédric Benhacoun -Drums-) and a friend (Robin Peyroutou -Bass-) the two first members of the first real line up in 2000.

Later, Stéphane Di Vincenzo (Lead guitarist) and Manu Sébie (Vocals) came completing the final Line up.

Several months of repetition got the better of Cédric and Robin who left the band to concentrates in their own band Lunae Nocturna, performing a more classical progressive Metal than Meltem. They were remplaced by David Chaussade and Sylvain Boucheron.

Two years of training and Meltem performed for the first time in the "Mazères Town Festival" in September 2002, the first, than at the “Matisse” for the Halloween context and “La Scène”.

In 2003, David is fired due to his bad behaviour and his lack of interest in the group, and replaced by Guillaume Rodriguez (ex-Arsenic). The group performed several concerts with this new line up, including an amazing concert along with Malédiction, Manigance and Adagio in front of 500 peoples.

In August 2005, the group decided to record his first album, and is now looking for dates, managers and labels.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/meltem64